Before I found the Zcode System I was down to my last $508..

I had already lost about $4,500 trying to make a living betting on sports and I was having sleepless nights over all the money I had lost.

Thankfully things have turned around BIG time since I joined the Zcode 3 months ago.

Now I just can’t resist sharing my ZCode System review and results with y’all..

By the way the official Zcode system website is at

The Truth About The ZCode System..

I was down to my last $500.

I’d started with $5,000 and my dreams of making money betting on sports were coming to an end.

I started off following these tipsters I found online who all seemed to have amazing track records yet when I followed them they’d do nothing but lose.

I had dreams of making a living betting on sports.

You know chill out, have fun, drink some beers and make money placing a few bets.

Maybe even buy some stuff like this..

dream car donkey bets

But those dreams were almost gone as I got closer and closer to losing all my money.

I had lost $4,500 in stake money and almost $2,000 in tipster fees and I felt like crap.

Then one evening I got back home from work.

I made myself something to eat and fed Boris the cat.

I live in a modest apartment.

Nothing special but I’m not home that much anyway so it’s O.K.

After dinner I got my iPad out to check the scores and read the news when I stumbled upon an ad for something called the Zcode system.

I checked out their website and I’m not gonna lie.. It looked pretty AMESOME!

But seeing as I had just lost a ton of money betting on sports I was super skeptical.

After it a little bit of though I decided to join.

I had $500 left of my betting bankroll and I told myself that the Zcode system was the last betting product I was ever going to buy.

If the Zcode failed me then I was done.

No more gambling as I couldn’t afford to lose any more money.

A few minutes later I was officially a member of the Zcode system.

There’s quite a lot going on in the members area but I found it pretty easy to understand.

I’ll explain more about what you get as a member in a minute.

The first thing that I did was read their “Sports Investing Bible” pdf which I found to be full of helpful tips and information on succeeding as a profitable sports bettor.

To be honest I was going to skip reading it but I’m glad that I didn’t.

So next I went to the “VIP picks” section in the members area which is where you’ll find the main ZCode system.

It lists all of the day’s games and give you a star rating based on value.

It also gives you lots of information about each game and tells you what to bet on.

Anything that has 5 star value is a game you may want to consider betting on.

One thing that I gravitated to was the “Top Automated Systems” section.

These are systems created by the Zcode software and there’s quite a lot of them.

These automated systems give you tips whenever something meets their automated criteria.

The one system that stood out to me was called “Roberts TTV System.

It covers;

  • NHL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NFL

Since it started it has made 3,706 picks with an average ROI of 21.9%

Here’s a picture of the “Robert TTV System” graph..

ZCode Robert TTV System

Amazing right?

And here’s its profit breakdown according to the months of the year..

ZCode Monthly Results

The Roberts TTV System has never had a losing month and has a 70% win rate over thousands of picks.

There’s quite a few systems like this in the ZCode automated systems area but I just decided to stick with the Robert TTV System.

In less than 20 minutes as a member it had already made 2 new picks for me.

Ever since then I’ve been following the Robert TTV System picks and only betting on games that have 5 star value.

I like that every game also has advice from other sports bettors on how they’re betting on the game as well.

It’s like a community.

Here’s what members had to say about the recent Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers MLB game..

ZCode Member Comments

So I bet on the 5 star value and listened to the expert advice and it’s been amazing at helping me to pick the right teams to bet on.

My very first week I won almost every single bet I was like “HOLY CRAP” this is amazing.

I started off making just $20 bets and I pretty much doubled my account from $508.67 to over $1,019.21 within 2 weeks.

2 weeks later..

When I realized that the ZCode system worked I started betting $50 per game and over the last 3 months as a member I have made +$3,321.43.

After 3 months..

I have made 563 bets with a win rate of 69%.

Now that my bankroll is growing I’m going to start making $100 bets soon and then just keep betting more as my bankroll grows.

The thing that impressed me the most about the ZCode is just how consistent it is.

You don’t have massive losing streaks.

Out of every 10 bets I seem to win about 7 of them consistently.

My ULTIMATE goal with the ZCode is to make about $10,000 per month and I can see myself getting there soon as my bankroll grow and I can start betting more.

Even half of that would be nice!

To get to 10k per month I just need to bet $250 per game and for that I need my bankroll to be $12,500 and I can see myself getting there within the next 6 months!

So yeah I went from just about giving up on my dreams of making money betting on sports but now I feel like I’m back in the game and I’m actually making money doing it.

I won’t be quitting my day job just yet but but thanks to the ZCode I feel like I’m part of a small circle who actually profit from sports betting.

Oh yeah, and I also spent some of my profits on a new TV to watch some of the games on!

New TV

I would definitely recommend the ZCode system to anyone who wants to make money betting on sports.

My ZCode System Results

So I’ve been a member for about 3 months now and have some pretty good results to show for it.

I started off with $508.67 in my WilliamHill account..

After 3 months I now have $3,830.10 in my account!

I have made 563 bets with a 69% win rate and I think my average ROI is about 21% so for every $100 I bet I make about $21 profit. 🙂

All I did was follow the Robert TTV System and bet on the 5 Star games inside the VIP section.

My goal is to get to $12,500 in my account.

Then I will start betting $250 per game and hopefully make up to $10,000 per month.

Everything about $12,500 in my account I will then withdraw as profit.

I still have a long way to go and I’m not quitting my job yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Zcode System doesn’t let me down.

So far so good though. 🙂

Even if you don’t want to quit your job you can still use the ZCode system to make some nice profits on the side.

Another thing to remember is that you need to stick with it for the long haul.

At one point I think I lost about 6 in a row with their picks.

Now if I had just joined and lost 6 in a row then I would probably think it’s a scam and quit early..

So what I’m saying is don’t expect to win every day.

But expect to win most days!

And stay disciplined.

If you want to make money betting on sports then you need to treat it like a business.

That means never risk too much on any one game and don’t get sidetracked and start betting your profits on games for fun.

Good luck! Click here to join the Zcode.

What Is The ZCode System And What Do You Get?

Well there’s a lot to cover here, so I’m going to do my best to simply explain what you get and what everything is.

In a nutshell the ZCode system is a collection of tools to help you profit from sports betting.

Here are the sections inside the members area..

ZCode Members Area

Overview: This is basically a quick start introduction section to help you get to grips with everything and it basically tells you what to do next.

In this section you’ll find:

  • A fast start webinar recording with some helpful tips on how to be a successful sports bettor.
  • A list of the best bookmakers to sign up to.
  • A guide on how to best use the ZCode system to make money.
  • A bonus arb generator tool for finding arbs to get a guaranteed profit from. To be honest though I don’t really do arbing.
  • And lastly what systems to follow inside the ZCode to make the most profits.

The next section is the..

Vip Picks:

This is the main part of the ZCode system and is pretty much what you’re subscribing for.

It lists the day’s games and gives a star rating. I recommend only looking at the 4 and 5 star games.

Each game listed in the VIP Picks area has a bunch of information about the game.

It also has recommended bets and odds and the expected win rate of the bet!

There’s lots of information about the teams and how they’re currently performing.

And one really cool thing is that each game listed has a comment section where lots of sports betting experts share their thoughts on the game and whether they’re betting or not.

There’s just so much information about the games but I feel like it’s all easy to understand because the creators have done a great job at making complicated stats appear simple.

And as a member of the VIP Picks area I almost feel like I know too much and have an unfair advantage over other sports bettors.

It’s really cool and I really feel sorry for anyone who is betting on sports and doesn’t have access to the information provided in the ZCode system members area.

Here’s an example of one of the games listed today and what information is provided about the game:

The next sections is called..

Hot Trends:

And this is pretty cool. There’s 2 main parts here..

The first is the Top 30 Hottest Experts section where you can find and follow the top sports betting members of the ZCode membership.

These guys have been profiting on sports for years so it’s helpful to read what they have to say.

The next is the Top Automated systems section and this is where you’ll find systems like the Robert TTV System.

ZCode top automated systems

And if you had followed every single system from the beginning then your results would look like this..

ZCode Results All

The thing I love about the top automated systems is that all the work is done for you and you can see how well the system has performed over thousands of bets.

So you know that what you’re following is a profitable system.

When one of the automated systems has a pick it will appear on the systems page like this..

ZCode Pick

When you have made the bet you then tick “I placed it checkbox”.

I recommend that you don’t follow more than 2-3 of the automated systems otherwise you’ll just be making too many bets.

Right now I only follow Robert’s TTV System and make my own bets from the VIP Picks tab on 5 star games.

If I were to start betting on a couple more of the automated systems then I may consider..

Edis System:

Edis ALLIN system

The next tab is the..

Z Lab:

The Z Lab is basically a handy section to help you find stuff fast in the members area.

Level 1 has links to the top automated systems.

Level 2 has links to all of the Z Code tools and there are a lot of them!

Here are the extra tools..

Oscillator: The Oscillator shows the current team’s strength and if they’re on an uptrend or a downtrend. Here’s a video showing how to use the NHL oscillator…

There’s an oscillator for all the major sports.

Totals Predictor: This is a tool to help you win at game totals and over/unders. This video explains more..

Power Rankings: The power rankings gives you a true indicator of how well a team is currently performing. One thing I like is that it also tells you what public sites currently have the team ranked at.

For example if you look at the image below you’ll see that the current number 1 burning hot MLB team according to ZCode are the Washington Nationals who have won 4 out of their last 6 games but public sites like currently have them ranked at number 3.

ZCode Power Rankings

This means that future games with the Washington Nationals may provide good value because they’re currently performing better than the public think.

Head 2 Head Tool: This team shows you how 2 teams have performed against each other in the past and it also shows you the past odds when they played together so you can see who the favorite was..

ZCode System Head 2 Head

Line Reversal Indicator: The ZCode line reversal indicator will help you identify line moves and see where sharp bettors are investing their money.

Watch this video to see more about the the line reversal tool..

I recommend learning how to use this tool as it gives you the potential to make a lot of money. There’s lots of training material for it in the members area.

MLB Pitcher Profit Oscillator: See this video to learn more..

Scores Predictor: This tool pretty much takes statistics and the ZCode data and then virtually runs each game 10,000 times to try and predict the correct score.

It’s a handy little tool but I haven’t used it that much. I have noticed that quite a few times it does actually predict the correct score.

ZCode Scores Predictor

The scores predictor seems to excel and do much better in Soccer games. (Football for my European friends. 🙂 )

On the 10th of August the scores predictor correctly predicted the correct score twice out of 4 games! Look here..

ZCode Proof

And the bookmakers offer great odds if you can correctly predict the score!

Another thing I noticed is that if it doesn’t predict the correct score then quite a few times those games will be a 0-0 or 1-1 draw on Soccer games so I think money could be made betting on the correct score and draws on games with a 70% or above “Confidence” rate.

So those are the extra tools that the ZCode offers.

Level 3 has links to back testing tools to help you create your own systems and back test them to see if they work.

The best of the backtesting tools that ZCode has to offer is called the Almanach.

The ZCode Almanach

To access the Almanach you have to pay an extra $199 but it’s totally worth it.

It basically lets you create your own systems and back test it on over 11 years worth of data.

It’s got so many filters that you can backtest any system you can think of really and it’s pretty easy to use.

And you can also apply different betting progressions such as martingales and A-B-C progression systems to your strategies to see how they perform that way.

This thing is so powerful. Over the past few weeks I’ve already come up with a few of my own systems that on back tests have a 30% ROI.

This video explains a bit more about the Almanach..

I think it’s just fun to play around with the almanach and create new systems.

The possibilities are endless and it’s a great feeling when you come up with a system that has a back tested graph like this..

ZCode Almanach

And then you can start following your own system and start making money.

I would definitely recommend upgrading to the ZCode almanach as it’s worth it’s weight in gold and you can come up with your own super profitable systems that only you know about.

ZCode Fantasy Sports Predictor:

Another tool that they provide you with as a member is a fantasy sports prediction tool which I think is pretty cool but to be honest I haven’t really used it that much.

It works for MLB and Soccer.

Here’s a video showing you how to use it..

One thing I like about it is that it tells you how many points each player is expected to get and also how many points overall your selection is expected to return.

With today’s selection I’m expected to get 109.81 points on DraftKings..

Although I haven’t actually used the Fantasy Sports tool I’ve seen some people having success with it inside the ZCode forum area.

Update: I tried it out and did some head to head games and won 2 out of 3 so not that bad!

And lastly..

The ZCode System Forum:

This is a good place to ask questions and see other people’s picks.

ZCode Forum

So that’s everything that you get with the ZCode system and it’s quite a lot.

The ZCode System Pros & Cons

~ The Cons

Quite Expensive: At $198 per month the ZCode is not cheap but is definitely worth the money.

If you’re just looking to make $5 bets then you may struggle to cover the costs.

Can be a bit time consuming: I’ve been making quite a few bets per day following the VIP picks and the automated system picks.

This can be a bit time consuming as you need to be ready to make bets when they appear which can happen all throughout the day.

I’ve still managed to do it working full time.

~ The Pros

Easy to use: Everything inside the ZCode members area comes with training material so even if you’re a bit of a newbie to sports betting you’ll still be able to get to grips with everything and start making money.

So much stuff! As a member you just get so much and everything in the members area helps you make money betting on sports.

This may be a little overwhelming at first as they give you so much. The things I use the most are the star rating picks under the “VIP Picks” area and the automated systems.

Systems are back tested: I think it’s great that you can see all of the past results from their system so you know what to expect when betting on their picks.

Notifications: They have a push notification app that you can install on your phone so whenever there is a pick from one of the systems that you’re following you get a ping on your phone instantly so you don’t have to keep logging in and checking to see if there is a new pick or not.

I can actually get the odds they recommend: With past “tipsters” I could never get the odds they recommend but with the ZCode most of the time I can get the recommended odds or better.

It works! I guess the best thing I can say is that the ZCode system works.

I’ve followed their picks and made money. It’s all about getting an edge and without a doubt the ZCode system will give you the edge you need to win and profit from sports betting.

ZCode System FAQs: Answered!

In this section I’m going to answer a few of the questions I’ve been asked.

Will the ZCode make me rich? I don’t know about rich but if you follow their picks consistently you’ll definitely be making profits. How much you make depends on how much you bet.

Do you win every day? Not every day but on average I would say 3 out of 4 days I end up with a profit so more often than not I go to sleep with a profit.

What systems do you follow in the ZCode? I follow the “Robert TTV System” and I use the “VIP Picks” section and sometimes bet on 5 star games.

This is this seasons graph so far following the “Robert TTV System”..

Current Season

As you can see every now and again there are a few tiny downswings but overall we are up a lot and consistently winning. 🙂

I’m a newbie to sports betting is the ZCode System for me? First of all if you’re new to sports betting then as a member it’ll take you a couple days to get to grips with everything but there is a lot of training material in the members area so even if you are new you shouldn’t have a problem and will be making bets in no time.

How many bets do you make per day? Usually between 1 and 10.

What sports does the ZCode cover? It covers MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, NCAAB, NCAAF, Soccer and there are MMA, horse racing and other sport picks in the forum area.

Is the ZCode a scam? No it’s not a scam but you won’t be winning every single bet so if you join and have a losing day right away then you may think “Oh, fk this doesn’t work.” But stick with it and if you follow their picks consistently you’ll end up a winner.

What’s your biggest winning and losing streak as a member? My longest losing streak was 6 in a row and my best winning streak so far has been 17 wins in a row.

Anyway if you have any more questions then feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer!

Should You Join The ZCode?

To be honest I think joining the ZCode was the best decision I have ever made.

I was down to my last $508.67..

But thanks to the Zcode I now have $12,527.90 in my account and can see myself making a full time income just betting on sports.

In fact I expect to make a lot more than what I’m currently making at my full time job.

I’ve found their picks are pretty much spot on.

So yeah if you want to make money betting on sports or if you’re just sick of losing money to the bookies then I definitely recommend becoming a member.

Just remember to practice proper bankroll management (which they teach you all about) and also do your best to follow all the picks they give you so you can mirror their results as close as possible.

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