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So welcome to my about me page.

First of all my name is Ben and I’m a 27 year old warehouse assistant manager (for now!).

My main 3 interests are;

  1. Sports.
  2. Cars.
  3. And gambling. 🙂

I started this blog mainly to talk about sports betting and things I want to buy.

In the past I’ve lost quite a lot of money betting on sports but recently I’ve been having success with the ZCode System and I’m starting to claw my way back out of the depths of brokeness!

My dream car the Lamborghini Aventador..

dream car donkey bets

I think it’s just the most amazing looking modern car ever built.

So I should probably open the flood gates and reveal some stuff about me.

This is my about me page after all.

First of all I love to have fun.

My favorite thing in the world to do is drink beer and watch some sports with my buddies.

And to say I like a gamble is a bit of an understatement because I absolutely love it!

My goal is to one day make enough money betting on sports to quit my job and I feel like I am getting there fast now.

I also spend way too much time playing clash of clans!

My goal for this website: I’d like to turn this website into a place where people can go to get tips and advice from a real guy.

The topics will mainly be about sports betting but every now and then there’s be stuff about some other topics.

Thanks for reading and check back soon!